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1 “Wiley Post and Will Rogers, two famed Oklahomans who were killed recently in a tragic airplane crash in Alaska were honored in a special way in Perry this week when a baby boy, born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Folger was named in honor to the famous flier and humorist.
Wiley Rogers was the name given the eight and a half pound baby boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Folger here Wednesday, August 28.
The Perry youngster is perhaps the first in the state to be named in honor to the two great men since their untimely death.” 
Folger, Wiley Rogers (I1670)
2 Emmett Clements served in the U.S. Army during World War II. Clements, Emmett H. (I1395)
3 “Mrs. T. R. Sorrells died at her home
six miles north of Chelsea Tuesday morn-
ing April 23, 1901, of heart failure. She
was about 52 years of age. That morn-
ing their home caught fire and she feared
that it would be entirely consumed, and
she began removing the furniture as
rapidly as possible. Some of the child-
ren succeeded in extinguishing the flames
and when they had accomplished this
they found Mrs. Sorrels laying in the
yard. She was immediately removed to
the house and Dr. Pifer was summoned
at once, but before he arrived she
was beyond medical assistance. Her
sudden death is attributed to her extreme
excitement and fright, causing heart fail-
ure. It is sad indeed to be parted so sud-
denly from one who is so dear, and their
many friends deeply sympathize with
the family in this their irreparable loss.
The remains were laid to rest in the
Chelsea Cemetery Wednesday afternoon,
the burial ceremonies being conducted
by Rev. R. C. Parks.” 
Thompson, Louisa (I1091)
4 182.10 acres at .50 per acre. $91.05
Section 36, Township 8, Range 16
West half of the southwest quarter
Southwest quarter of the northwest quarter
East half of the northwest quarter
Northwest quarter of the northeast quarter: this parcel adjoins Sarah Benson. 
Cook, James C. (I135)
5 31.374196, -85.366314 Pettis, Wilson Ballard (I2530)
6 31.374202, -85.366310 Lock, Sarina Emelia Ann (I2531)
7 33.939624, -95.498044 Earwood, Dordie Washington (I1064)
8 33.982866, -95.559733 Earwood, Sarah (I949)
9 A phone call to the Henniger-Allen Funeral Home on 10 December 2014, revealed the only other information in the record was “interment at Rosemound,” the only cemetery by that name found in Oklahoma is in Grant County, whose records are housed at the Medford Library; no record of a Folger burial in the cemetery, per Charlene at the library. Folger, Nellie (I1695)
10 A search of marriage records in Texas, Nevada and nationwide did not find any record for the marriage of John & Vivian. I believe they were married very close to the time of his divorce from Marge. Family F64
11 A.J.'s death date of 23 January 1923 on his headstone is incorrect. The death certificate states that he died 15 September 1922 of influenza. He was attended by Dr. Dawkins and the certificate was filed in October 1922. Dykes, Angus J. (I358)
12 Addie is 2 years old in the 1860 census and 13 years old in the 1870. Her headstone is difficult to read, and is mis-transcribed on the Find A Grave website. Ferkins, Mary Adaline (I1701)
13 Agnes was listed as Henry's wife on 15 May 1732 deed. Family F818
14 Alfred enlisted in Co. F, 38th Regiment Georgia Infantry on 15 October 1861. He was taken prisoner at Gettysburg, 6 July 1863. He died 26 August 1864 while a prisoner at Point Lookout, Maryland. Adams, Alfred H. (I2084)
15 Alfred was likely born very near 2 February 1837. He was paid his inheritance from his grandfather on 2 February 1858 indicating he had come to the legal age of 21. Adams, Alfred H. (I2084)
16 All records in Evalina'a life show her name spelled with an “E,” including the death certificates of her children. The only time it is found spelled Avalina, is on her headstone. Buzzard, Evalina (I1936)
17 Although her headstone and death certificate shows a birth year of 1850, she was listed in the 1850 census as a 1 year old, so she was likely born in 1849. Yearwood, Sandal Narcissa (I1591)
18 Annie and Robert Marion are living with their daughter, Alta, in 1900 so she is clearly alive. Her headstone had her death date as 30 May 1919. Hicks, Annie (I488)
19 Annie's mother, Beulah, was a witness to their marriage. Family F140
20 Archibald enlisted in Co. A, 40 Georgia Infantry, He was paid $50 bounty. He was listed on a receipt for clothing during the second quarter of 1864 and died later that year. Yearwood, Archibald (I1418)
21 Archie was a Corporal in Co. K, 398th Infantry, U.S. Army. He served in the European Theater and participated in Rhineland and Central Europe Campaigns. He was awarded the World War II Victory Medal and European African Middle Eastern Service Medal with 2 Bronze Stars. Cook, Archie Lee (I231)
22 Asa served in the Spanish American War. Haines, Asa Howard (I1984)
23 Based on the birth of children. Family F246
24 Betty could not afford to bury him so she donated his body to science, University of Texas Medical Branch. After the university completed their tests he was cremated and some of his ashes sprinkled where a marker was placed by his brother and sister, next to their parents in Wichita Park Cemetery. Folger, Jerry Allen Sr. (I457)
25 Biographical books, referred to as “mug books,” were popular in the late 1800's. William was still alive when History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio was printed. His birth date is listed in his biography as 9 May 1813, Winchester, Virginia. When he died, the Soldiers Grave Registration card gave his birth date as 22 August 1814. No informant was listed. The Belmont County death register gives his age as 76 years, 11 months, 3 days, which calculates to a birth date of 9 April 1813. He was likely born in April or May of 1813. Folger, William H. (I1841)
26 Birth date calculated from age at death on headstone. Folger, Eli (I1868)
27 Birth date calculated from age on death record and headstone. Folger, Philip (I1862)
28 Butler County, Alabama, had a major loss of records in an 1853 courthouse fire. No marriage record found in Butler or Pike Counties, Alabama.[1] Estate file of Mary Holland lists her heirs, including “Elizabeth Cook, wife of James C. Cook.”[2] Elizabeth is likely the female 15–19 in her father, James's, household in 1840. James & Elizabeth’s first child, Sarah, was born in April 1842. Based on those dates, they were likely married between 2 June 1840 and sometime in July 1841.

[1] Pike County, Alabama, Marriages, September 1830–January 1849, Cook surname; images, FamilySearch ( : viewed 24 July 2016); FHL microfilm 1,033,193.
[2] Butler County, Alabama, Estate Files, Box 6, folder 37, Mary Holland (1863); FHL microfilm 2,417,359.
Family F69
29 Catherine's birth date on her headstone says she was born in 1824. All census records throughout her life indicate she was born ca. 1814. Blevins, Catherine (I758)
30 Clarence served in Co. B, 313th Engineer Battalion. He was awarded the Good Conduct Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern (EAME) Campaign Medal with 5 Bronze Stars and 1 Bronze Arrowhead. He participated in these campaigns:
Siciliy, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, Northern Apennines, and Po Valley. See report in Histories. 
Thomason, Lemmett Clarence (I597)
31 Cora's death certificate has her birth year incorrectly listed as 1899. She was not born before the 1900 census. Her headstone is correct. Pettis, Cora Lee (I2594)
32 Corp., Jesse D. Sorrell, USMC, appears on a muster roll on the USS Regulus, departing Honolulu for Wake Island on 8 August 1941, where a new military base had been built. He was listed as released from a prison camp in 1946. Sorrell, Jesse Dell (I1154)
33 Coy listed his birth year as 1915 on his World War I draft registration card. Land, Coy V. (I416)
34 Coy was in Company F, 423rd Infantry Regiment, 106th
Infantry Division, U.S. Army. He was captured at the Battle Of The Budge and was a POW from 16 December 1944 until 13 April 1945. He was held prisoner at Stalag 4B, Muhlberg Sachsen 51-13. 
Tate, Coy Lee (I1077)
35 Culman is listed as a cropper in the household of Robert L. Stepp. Earwood, Starling Culmon (I594)
36 Dalton served in the U.S. Navy, on the USS Sacramento (PG-19) 31 August 1943–31 March 1944 and the USS Sarasota (APA-204) 16 August 1944–18 July 1945. Earwood, William Dalton (I807)
37 Daniel listed his birth year as 1884 on his WWI draft card. All other records show 1881. Benson, Daniel Webster (I2386)
38 Dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes, 5' 10" Cook, James C. (I135)
39 David enlisted in Captain Bolling's Company, Mounted Infantry, Local Defense. He was 16 years old. He was paroled at Greenville, May 1865. Cook, James David (I503)
40 David was a member of the Luverne Lodge No. 630, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Cook, James David (I503)
41 David was elected sheriff of Crenshaw County in 1880 and at different times was deputy sheriff in Crenshaw and Montgomery counties. He was Marshall of Luverne for several terms. Cook, James David (I503)
42 Dianna was cremated and there were no plans for a burial site. Her brother purchased a marker and had it placed in her memory at Wichita Park Cemetery where other Folger family are buried. Later her ashes were placed in a niche at Lakeview Cemetery & Mausoleum in Wichita. Folger, Dianna Lynn (I1675)
43 Died before her mother's probate. Folger, Susan Jane (I1799)
44 died of typhoid fever Sorrell, Mary M (I2480)
45 Earl was a car inspector with the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Co. Cook, Earl Darrow (I508)
46 Eddie's death certificate and social security application name his parents. Williams, Eddie Coston (I2287)
47 Edmund died between 3 March 1875 when he wrote his will and 5 April 1875 when it was proved in court. Stallsworth, Edmund (I2018)
48 Edmund Stallsworth only named two children in his will:
Edmund W. Stallsworth and Nancy Stallsworth. He also provided for his granddaughter, Mary E. Stallsworth (Edmund's daughter).
If Edmund and Lucinda had other children they were not mentioned in the will or had already died with no issue. 
Stallsworth, Edmund (I2019)
49 Edmund Stallsworth only named two children in his will:
Edmund W. Stallsworth and Nancy Stallsworth. He also provided for his granddaughter, Mary E. Stallsworth (Edmund's daughter).
If Edmund and Lucinda had other children they were not mentioned in the will or had already died with no issue. 
Stallsworth, Nancy (I2020)
50 Edward likely died before 1870 when Nancy was head of household. Gibson, Edward (I563)

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