Lori’s Genealogical Education


Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research (IGHR)
Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama
   •  Metes & Bounds & Land Plats, June 2016
   •  Research in the South: The Colonies of the South, June 2015
   •  Virginia: Her Records and Her Laws, June 2014
   •  The Five Civilized Tribes: The Records & Where to Find Them, June 2013
   •  Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis, June 2012

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG)
Salt Lake City, Utah
   •  Practicum Using Standards to Evaluate Genealogical Work, January 2017
   •  Solving Problems Like A Professional, January 2016
   •  Advanced DNA Analysis Techniques, January 2015
   •  Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum, January 2014
   •  Researching in Washington DC Without Leaving Home, January 2013

Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP)
LaRoche College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
   •  Pennsylvania: Research in the Keystone State, July 2015
   •  Practical Genetic Genealogy, July 2014


ProGen Study Group, March 2014–August 2015

Association of Professional Genealogists
Professional Management Conference, 2014–2015

Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research
   •  Writing Logical Proof Arguments, November 2014
   •  Genetic Genealogy for Professional Genealogists, November 2015

Certificate in Genealogical Research
Boston University
January 2012 – May 2012

American Genealogy: Home Study Course
National Genealogical Society
May 2011 – January 2012