How To Use This Site

Software comes and goes and the genealogical database program that I used for many years went out of business. My original website was built using that software. The last several years my website has been patiently waiting for me to move to a new program. Information does not transfer well from one program to another and I am re-inputting all the data. That process is long and time-consuming but gives me the opportunity to revisit my previous research and cite the sources according to current genealogical standards.  As a general rule, I try not to use indexes as a source for information. Sometimes, because of privacy laws, it is the best I can get and sometimes they are place holders until I get an original record. It is a work in progress that I tend to daily, so please check back often. You should not find living people listed on the site, but if by chance you find someone living listed, please let me know. I hope you enjoy meeting my family and would love to hear from you!

Find Menu.

Surnames/Search People/Search Families

There are multiple ways to find people:

—The “Find” menu will allow you to go to a list of surnames or a search form for an individual or family.  

—The “Main Sidebar” on the left side of any screen will also open a name search form and a surname cloud where you can click on a name.

When you find an individual and click their name it will take you to their individual page. From there you will see the details on the person and their family. Some areas are collapsed and you can expand them by clicking on the down arrow or click on the “expand all” located on the top right side of the person page. There are several tabs across the top of this view where you can see ancestors, descendants, a timeline, or find a relationship between two people. You can click on the parents, spouse, or children to be taken to their individual person page.


You can bookmark individuals to quickly find them again. You must use the same browser/computer to return to them.


The calendar shows births, deaths, and marriages in the current month. You may scroll to other months as well. The anniversaries page will allow you to put in any day and see what life events for people in the database happened on that day. The “On This Day” tab on the right side of any screen will also access the anniversaries page.


This tab will give you a break down of cemeteries in the database by state and county. When you click on a county you will see a map and list of cemeteries in the county. Click on the cemetery name to see a list of people buried there. These are still being setup.


Shows all the places in the database. You can drill down from state to county. There is a “Heat Map” button that will bring up a map to graphically show where events occurred. The magnifying glass that is after each place can be clicked to see everyone with an event in that place.

Research Menu.

Case Studies

Case studies are written when there is no clear answer to a genealogical question through direct evidence. 


Narratives are the life story of an individual and his family.

Research Reports

Research reports are written as I research a particular segment of a persons life.

All three of these can also be found under the “Histories” tab of the Media menu and are linked on the individuals page. These will be added as the website is updated.

Info Menu.


This tab will take you to reports I have created. Currently, there are reports that list Military Service at different times/wars. More may be added.


This shows interesting facts about the database statistics including the longest lived people.