Report: Military Deaths

         Description: Those who died while serving in the military. While not all died in battle, their lives were cut short while serving their country and we honor them all for their sacrifice.

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# Last Name, Given Name(s) Death Date Military Service
1 Hail, Francis Marion  16 Mar 1864  War Between the States. 
2 Welch, James Franklin  5 Feb 1862  War Between the States. 
3 Hunt, Jeremiah  24 Aug 1862  War Between the States. 
4 Boswell, Stephen William  13 Feb 1864  War Between the States.  
5 Cook, James David  13 May 1951  World War II; Korea 
6 Earwood, Delbert Ray  8 Apr 1954  Delbert served in the U.S. Navy, on the USS Haven (AH-12) 
7 Abney, Joy Alonzo  7 Jul 1953  World War II, Korea 

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