Samuel J Sorrell

Male - Bef 1850

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Henry H. Smith
Male 1872-1940
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Dora Viola Kelly
Female 1905-1985
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Richard T. Moore
Male 1902-1990
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Hazel McCown
Female 1917-2008
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Una Lous Turner
Female 1918-2007
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Henry JC Earwood
Male 1914-1976
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Maria Vierti
Female 1924-2018
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James Wooton
Male 1893-1976
Dan P. Wedge
Male 1893-1972
Mary Jane Price
Female 1869-1932
Nora Byers
Female 1889-Yes, date unknown
Griffin Byers
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Martha M. Sorrell
Female 1869-Yes, date unknown
Rinthia Sorrell
Female 1898-1984
John Lindsey
Male 1892-1929
Derry W. Waters
Male 1897-1979
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Alice Sorrell
Female Abt 1906-1968
Bill Sorrell
Male Abt 1914-
Ella A. Holcombe
Female 1877-1922
Guy N. Gelvin
Male 1888-1956
Lydia E. Sorrell
Female Abt 1903-Yes, date unknown
Bertha Lovell
Female 1886-1965
Bertha Wilson
Female 1905-1916
Edith E. Snow
Female 1908-1981
Mary Wilson
Female 1909-1982
Naomi Wilson
Female Abt 1917-
Louisa Sorrell
Female 1885-1951
Mary L. Coats
Female 1890-1980
Frances M. Sorrell
Female Abt 1909-Yes, date unknown
Dorothy Sorrell
Female Abt 1914-
Louisa Thompson
Female 1849-1901
Cella Holcomb
Female Abt 1865-Bef 1920
Mary M Sorrell
Female 1866-1879
John W Sorrell
Male 1867-1936
Henry Mason Sorrell
Male 1869-Aft 1951
Aetna M Sorrell
Female 1873-1897
Harvin Sorrell
Male 1875-1968
Janice Sorrell
Female 1880-1969
Ada Sorrell
Female Abt 1882-Bef 1895
Emery Sorrell
Male 1884-1942
Sarah Harvin
Female Abt 1847-Bef 1885
Samuel J Sorrell
Male -Bef 1850
Matilda Watson
Female -Bef 1850
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