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51 Ferman's mother is listed on his birth record. No father listed. The informant was his grandfather, Jacob Haines. Haines, Ferman T. (I1988)
52 For his leadership and valor, he was awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster, Combat Infantry Badge, Prisoner of War Medal, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Presidential Unit Citation, and Republic of Korea War Service Medal. Cook, James David (I510)
53 Francis was take prisoner at Missionary Ridge and was listed on the roll of prisoners at Nashville, Tennessee being forwarded to Louisville, Kentucky on 5 December 1863. He arrived there 7 December and left 9 December for Rock Island. He appears on a roll of prisoners at Rock Island Barracks, Illinois, from Louisville, Kentucky, 1 January 1864. He was release from prison, 19 June 1865 after taking the Oath of Allegiance. Francis was listed as gray eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, 5’10”, age 40, lives in Wedowee, Randolph County, Alabama. He signed the oath with his mark.
Hunt, Francis M. (I1609)
54 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1026)
55 Gary was cremated and his ashes were kept by his mother, Adell. When she died, their ashes were combined and spread in Florida. Earwood, Gary Ray (I68)
56 Gerry was awaiting heart-lung transplant. Morrison, Frederick Gerry Jr. (I666)
57 Glen served in the U.S. Army during World War II with the rank of Master Sergeant. Johnson, Glen Peter (I2067)
58 Gustavous enlisted in Co. B, 53 Regiment, Georgia Infantry, at Snapping Shoals, Georgia under Capt. T.W. Sims.
–28 February–31 August 1862, listed as absent, with remarks illegible
–11 June 1863 admitted to General Hospital at Farmville, Virginia for Chronic diarrhea, returned to duty 1 July
–1 July 1863, sent to Fortifications at Richmond
–8 July 1863 admitted to Gen. Hospital, Howard’s Grove, Richmond, for palpitations of heart, transferred to Farmville, 26 July
–28 July 1863, admitted to General Hospital, Farmville, Virginia, for Hypertrophy of heart, 11 September 1863 detailed to report to Atlanta
–7 August 1863, Board of Surgeons lists him with Debilitation of heart, for 12 mo., from Monroe, Walton County, Georgia
–31 October 1863–29 February 1964, detailed as Clerk in Barracks in Atlanta
–27 July 1864, Retired for Disability 
Welch, Gustavus (I1293)
59 H.F. Wilson served in Co. B, 53 Georgia Infantry. He was killed at the Battle of Cedar Creek in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Wilson, H. F. (I1336)
60 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I129)
61 He listed his birth date on his World War I Draft Registration as 17 May 1900. The 1900 census shows him as a 3 year old with a sister born April of 1900, so the 1897 year is likely more accurate. He also named his mother on the registration card therefore it is the same man.[1]

[1] “United States World War I Draft Registration, 1917-1918,” digital image, FamilySearch ( : accessed 23 May 2017), card for William Lonnie Colts Henderson, Munson, Santa Rosa County, Florida. 
Henderson, Lonnie Colts (I477)
62 He retired from the U.S. Army. Served as a Master Sergeant in the Hq & Hq Co., 37th Infantry. Cook, Carlton H. (I144)
63 He said he had been a resident of the state for 27 years which indicates 1840. Cook, James C. (I135)
64 He served three tours in Vietnam and retired after 27 years in the U.S. Army with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Earwood, Harold Jackson Jr (I945)
65 Her birth year is listed as 1859 on her headstone and death certificate which can not be correct since she is 13 years old in the 1870 census and her sister, Frances, was born in 1859. Keesor, Susannah A. (I1906)
66 Her brother, Allen, swore to her age being over eighteen. Family F178
67 Her casket was made at Cousin David's house.[1]

[1] Tiny Tharp Cook, video recording, Vernon, Florida, 25 June 1994; video and transcript privately held by Lori Cook-Folger, Hot Springs, North Carolina, 2016. 
Cook, Minnie Lee (I117)
68 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F212
69 Her death certificate gives a birth year of 1862 but she is listed in the 1860 census so this is incorrect. The 1860 census lists the last two children, Susanna and Frances as males but they are listed as females in 1870 with their ages matching. Keesor, Frances Elizabeth (I1908)
70 Her death certificates lists her burial but it is not listed on Find A Grave. Keesor, Frances Elizabeth (I1908)
71 Her headstone gives the death year as 1881. The stone appears to be quite old but her obituary gives her death year as 1885. The headstone was likely added at a later date and the year remembered incorrectly. Folger, Anna M. (I1869)
72 Her maiden name is found on the death certificates of her children, Asa Monroe Haines and John Isaac Haines. Smith, Margaret (I1991)
73 Her maiden name is found on the death certificates of her children, William W. Haines and Eliza Anna Haines. Foltz, Barbary or Barbara (I1975)
74 Her marriage application showed her birth years as 1920, likely so she would look older than her barely 15 years old. Linderman, Stella Mae (I1584)
75 Her name may have been Rachel Ann Brown, Richanny (I2023)
76 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I846)
77 His full name is given as next of kin on his brother, Ralph's, World War II Draft Registration card.[1]

[1] “U.S. WWII Draft Cards, Young Men, 1940–1947,” database with images, Ancestry ( : accessed 23 July 2017), card for Ralph Hill Welch, Local Board no. 9, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. 
Welch, Charles Augustus (I1307)
78 His headstone lists his birth year as 1862, but he is listed as 8 years old in the 1860 census. He was likely born 1852. Hail, John William (I1220)
79 His headstone lists his birth year as 1881, but he was listed as a two year old in his parents household in the 1880 census. The year he used on his World War I draft registration is most likely correct. Sissom, Thomas Price (I736)
80 His name is listed on Bethinia's headstone. No other record has been found on him. White, Dock (I712)
81 His widow is living with their, daughter, Nancy by 1910. Sissom, George Thomas (I715)
82 I walked this small cemetery and found no marker for Sarah. There are several unmarked graves. Cook, Sarah Ann (I428)
83 If her headstone is correct, her age of 73 years, 9 months, 20 days would calculate to about 26 December 1818. Buzzard, Evalina (I1936)
84 If there was an original headstone for James it is long gone. The United Daughters of the Confederacy placed a marker on his grave using the incorrect Regiment that Emily used for her pension. The dates on the headstone say 1822–1902. Cook, James C. (I135)
85 Ira joined the same regiment as his brother-in-law, Jordan, about 10 days after Jordan enlisted. He died of Rubeola on 5 June 1862, General Hospital, Camp Winder, Richmond, Virginia. Marlow, Ira (I576)
86 Isaac enlisted in Co. C, 18 Reg’t. Virginia Calvary, 2 September 1862, Hampshire County, with his brother William. His father, James, made claim for settlement of deceased soldiers on 22 December 1863, for both sons.
Haines, Isaac C. (I1943)
87 It is likely that Viola did not know exactly what year she was born. Although most records created in her life indicate that she was born in 1880 it is highly unlikely since her brother, Daniel, was born 12 June 1880. Because she is listed in the census taken 1 June 1885, we know she was born before that date. Even with the discrepancies in that enumeration, she was already born. She is listed as 1 year old and if the unknown informant was guessing at ages, a baby or toddler would have been an easier guess than an older child so her age may be more accurate than the other household members. Since she was born in December, if the question was answered correctly, she had turned 1 year old in 1884, indicating a birth year of 1883. Cook, Rhoda Viola (I139)
88 J.C. Cook and W.S. Cook are lined out, along with several others, in the 1866 Butler County census. This may have been because Crenshaw County was formed that year and they were no longer considered Butler County residents.
J.C. Cook
1 male under 10
3 male 10–20
1 male 40–50
1 female 10–20
1 female 40–50

W.S. Cook
1 male 20–30
1 female 10–20 
Cook, James C. (I135)
89 J.C. Cook and W.S. Cook are lined out, along with several others, in the 1866 Butler County census. This may have been because Crenshaw County was formed that year and they were no longer considered Butler County residents.
J.C. Cook
1 male under 10
3 male 10–20
1 male 40–50
1 female 10–20
1 female 40–50

W.S. Cook
1 male 20–30
1 female 10–20 
Cook, William S. (I467)
90 James attended the San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center. He was named one of twelve outstanding students while attending the Army Specialized Training Unit at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Cook, James David (I510)
91 James enlisted in 2nd Co. H, 1 Confederate Infantry at Ft. Gaines on Dauphin Island, Alabama. He and his son, William Sanford, were taken prisoner on 7 December 1864 at the Third Battle of Murfreesboro (also known as Battle of the Cedars). They arrived at Military Prison, Louisville, Kentucky, 5 January, 1865, and left for Camp Chase, Ohio, on 9 January, arriving on the 11th.[1]

James was no. 80 and William was no. 81 in Barracks No. 20. James was released on 11 June and William was released on 13 June, 1865.[2]

[1] Compiled service record, James C. & William S. Cook, Pvts., 2nd Co. H, 1st Confederate Inf.; Carded Records, Volunteer Organizations, Civil War; Record Group 109: War Department Collection of Confederate Records, 1825–1927; National Archives, Washington, D.C.

[2] Prison release for James & Wm. S. Cook, June 1865; Camp Chase, Ohio; Selected Records of the War Department Relating to Confederate Prisoners of War, 1861-1865, microfilm publication M598, roll 23, (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1965), digital images, Internet Archive ( : accessed 12 March 2012). 
Cook, James C. (I135)
92 James enlisted in Co. H, 27 Regiment, Georgia Infantry some time in 1861. His compiled service record does not show a date. He was admitted to Moore Hospital, Danville, Virginia on 24 December 1861, to be sent to General Hospital, Richmond. Welch, James Franklin (I1285)
93 James is listed as 7 mo. old in the 1850 census and 10 yrs. old in 1860. A biography gives his birth date as December 1850. There are a few discrepancies about his early life in the biography, like his father died in 1856, but likely died before his mother remarried in 1853. His parents are listed as Elbert and Elizabeth (Harrison) Carroll. Although he was still alive when the biography was published, he was about 64 years old.

His death certificate gives a birth date of 19 August 1852 and his father's name as Jeff. He most likely was born December 1849 which correlates to the first two census records in his life.

Carroll, James David (I2027)
94 James is listed in the death register as age 79, no months or days on any of the entries. The year is not on the page either but is indexed as 1891. His headstone say 1891, 78 yrs. 7 mos, 22 dys [12 August 1812] His daughter, Elizabeth Malick, is listed on the same page and her death date is listed as 1891 or 1892. James’s headstone looks to be original. Haines, James (I1935)
95 James is listed in the population schedule as not owning land. The agriculture schedule shows him farming 50 acres of improved land. He was likely renting. He had one horse, two milk cows, fifteen other cattle, and twenty-five swine with a value of $100.

He produced 125 bushels of Indian corn, 50 bushels of sweet potatoes, and 20 pounds of butter.

He is listed on the agriculture schedule as “S.C.” rather than “J.C.” Comparing the neighbors show that it is him. 
Cook, James C. (I135)
96 James purchased 70.72 acres at fifty cents per acre. The land was the west half of the northwest quarter of Section 1 of Township 7, Range 16. This was the Township north of where Elizabeth's family lived. The required affidavit was never filed and the transaction was canceled. Cook, James C. (I135)
97 Jane was the widow of Frank Swanagan Morrison who she married 15 December 1868, Nobel County, Ohio.[1] He is listed as Frank Morrison on the 1870 census[2] and on Administration bond.[3] They had three children.

[1] Noble County, Ohio, Marriages, 4:192, Swanagan Morrison to Jane Forshey, 1868, browsable images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 2 September 2017), image from FHL 930,093, image 127.
[2] 1870 U.S. census, Noble County, Ohio, population schedule, Stock, p. 236A, dwelling/family 71, Frank Morison, digital image, Ancestry ( : accessed 2 September 2017); citing NARA microfilm M593, roll 1252.
[3] Ohio, “Ohio, Wills and Probate Records, 1786–1998,” database with images, Ancestry ( : accessed 2 September 2017), Noble County, Ohio, Administration Bonds, v. 2 (1868–1877):unpaginated, Frank Morrison estate, 6 November 1875. 
Family F636
98 JC served in the U.S. Army in World War II. Earwood, J.C. Russell (I598)
99 Jere enlisted in Co. I (formerly Co. A), 44 Georgia Infantry and was paid a $50 bounty. He died at St. Charles Hospital from wounds he received at the Battle of Ellerson’s Mill, also known as Battle of Mechanicsville or Beaver Dam Creek. This was the beginning of the Seven Days Campaign.[1]

[1] “Battle of Mechanicsville,” Encyclopedia Virginia ( : accessed 8 August 2017). 
Hunt, Jeremiah (I1634)
100 Jess signed his name on the World War I Draft Registration as “Odolphus.” He is found in many documents with Dolphus and the middle initial O. and D. Earwood, Jesse Odolphus (I1028)

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